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Welcome to the Intellibox project

The most advanced, fully-featured, autocomplete control for WPF

Tip: See the Installation Instructions and be surprised by how easy the Intellibox is to set up.
Tip: See the Getting Started section for a step-by-step guide to configuring the Intellibox in your project.

Benefits and Features

Using the Intellibox control provides the following advantages:
  • Basic Features
    • Supports MVVM for results.
    • Supports Watermark.
    • Asynchronously load results.
  • Advanced Features
    • Text shown in the search field can be different from the value selected by the user.
    • Displayed columns can be fully customized.
    • Supports search cancelation (useful for long-running or expensive searches).


Multi column result search using Linq to Entities against the Northwind database running on Sql Server Compact Edition.


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