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Key.NumPad8 & Key.NumPad2 scroll the found list if Num Lock is active


If the num pad is active (you want to enter the digits instead of using the num block as cursor keys) the keys numpad-2 & numpad-8 are still used as navigation keys instead of enterig it as search text.
Intellibox.xaml.cs@986 Intellibox.IsNavigationKey(key) should read
        return pressed == Key.Down
            || pressed == Key.Up
            || pressed == Key.NumPad8 && !Keyboard.IsKeyToggled(Key.NumLock)
            || pressed == Key.NumPad2 && !Keyboard.IsKeyToggled(Key.NumLock)
            || pressed == Key.PageUp    //TODO need to handle navigation keys that skip items
            || pressed == Key.PageDown;